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A little bit about Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach, located in Gordon’s Bay, a coastal village on the False Bay side of Cape Town, takes its name from young students of the University of Stellenbosch for whom this stretch of sand is a popular recreation spot.


It’s the home to bikinis, board shorts and lots of fun in the sun. About 40 minutes' drive from central Cape Town, this Blue Flag beach is popular for its warm water and the proximity to trendy restaurants and hotels.


The views of the Hottentots-Holland mountain range simply add to the scenic setting that combines a gorgeous white beach and the purple hue of the mountains in the distance.


Nestling against the Gordon’s Bay harbour wall, Bikini Beach offers shelter from the summer months’ infamous southern winds, further adding to its appeal.

Surfers enjoy the fact that the slope on this section of Gordon’s Bay drops down suddenly and sharply, resulting in formidable waves (which can break as ‘dumpers’ if you're not playing your cards right). You’ll spot them riding the left-hand break off the harbour wall, landing on the beach and then going back for more of the same.

This top Cape Town beach used to be rocky and not very user-friendly, but the building of Gordon’s Bay’s first harbour in 1939 altered the way in which sediment was deposited by the currents, and resulted in the white sand stretch we see today. The old harbour is a great location for fresh-from-the-sea seafood, and anglers can be seen fishing from the harbour walls.


There are a number of water-borne tour opportunities out of Gordon’s Bay – namely pleasure and scenic cruises, deep-sea fishing charters and increasingly popular shark viewing trips to Seal Island.

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